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I'm Jenna! Thanks for stopping by! I have always had an extremely creative heart and love producing meaningful photography for my clients that will be treasured for lifetimes to come. 

I am originally from Orlando Florida. I graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelors degree in advertising in 2014. Two weeks later, I packed up what would fit in my tiny Ford Mustang and drove across the country to Phoenix.  I immediately fell in love with the desert and its scenery. I would often go for a sunset hike and think to myself how breathtaking the surrounding imagery was. But then feel disappointed that I couldn't capture exactly what I was seeing with my iPhone. That's when I spent what was basically my entire life savings on my first full-frame DSLR camera. After that, I hit the ground running. I haven't put down my camera since. I have a love for capturing the beauty of nature as well as well as human love stories. Nothing is more meaningful to me than being able to tell a unique story through bright, romantic imagery in the presence of nature. 

Fun Facts 

  • I am a donut FANATIC. On the weekends, my fiance and I will drive all over the valley to get our fix. We have about 5 go to donut shops that are SO good. So if you need any donut suggestions, let me know ;)

  • I am a future bride. Mike proposed in August we will be tying the knot in November 2019 and I'm counting down the days! 

  • I love hiking (during the fall and winter months obviously...there's no need for heat stroke). I've done Havasupai twice and even camped at the top of the Superstitions! My favorite though, is Squaw Peak at sunset/sunrise. Nothing can beat a local hike with killer views. 

  • I am one of 5 girls. All of them as well as my parents live back in Florida though so I usually go back every few months to see my family. 

  • I have a real love for Cheeseburgers. In N Out trips are a weekly for me. Other burger honorable mentions include: BJ's Brewhouse, Zinburger, Joes Farm Grill, Rehab Burger, and Shake Shack. My fiance and I love to double date so if you like any of those places, come join us! 

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