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Alyssa and Tom South Mountain Engagement

Alyssa and Tom are the sweetest couple who just got engaged last month in Sedona, AZ! Tom and Alyssa both share a mutual love for hiking and Tom proposed to Alyssa at the top of Devils Bridge. He even had his friend secretly hide out there and take pictures of them! (Tom knew what he was he was doin... a girls gotta have the pics!) These two met in Oceanside, California and recently made their way out to the desert. They told me they wanted a desert landscape in their pictures and when it comes to desert, South Mountain doesn't disappoint! We had mountains, cactus, stone structures, and alllllll of that gorgeous, glowing desert light that I love oh so much. Also, I was OBSESSED with Alyssa's dress. She truly looked like a desert princess! She got it from LuLus (my FAV) you can get it by clicking here.


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