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Family Session at South Mountain

Maria and I first connected on instagram a couple of years ago and it has been SO much fun getting to watch her family grow. We had planned on doing this shoot on a Thursday evening. We had been having some monsoons that week so I kept obsessively checking the weather prior to the shoot (these are things we don't usually have to worry about over here in the desert). There were no drastic changes and the forecast said the clouds should be clear by golden hour. However, as the shoot got closer and closer the sky seemed to look darker and darker but the forecast STILL said it should be clear by the time we were set to start shooting so I set out for South Mountain. As I was driving, the sky let loose and I could barely even see three cars in front of me. It was then when Maria and I made the decision to re-schedule the shoot. At the time, I was bummed but let me tell you it was SO worth it because the next day we had the most GORGEOUS light with perfect temps!


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