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Honeymooning via Cruise Ship

After a year of wedding planning, the LAST thing I wanted to do was pan a vacation. So we took an easier route. We booked ourselves a room on the largest cruise ship (Symphony of the Seas) and all we had to do was show up. This ship was literally like a floating city. There was ice skating, rock climbing, some of the best plays/shows I have ever seen, mini putt, zip-lining, and a wave simulator just to name a few. We were on the ship for seven days and still felt like we didn't get to everything. The best thing about cruising is that you get transported all around to beautiful destinations all while being entertained by all of the activities your cruise ship has to offer.

With me also being a flight attendant, we made the decision to fly standby to Miami. Because of this, we decided to leave a couple days early and give ourselves a little bit of extra cushion. We booked an Air BnB right on South Beach. We enjoyed some delicious food, rode bikes along the beach, and had a super relaxing start to our vacation.

When I say we were aboard a floating city, I mean CITY. There were 20 restaurants aboard this sucker. Yes you read that right, TWENTY. So it is safe to say we didn't go hungry. One of our favorites was the sports bar, Playmakers where we ate well and watched some football games from the open sea. There were also 3 waterslides, a "Central Park" in the center of the ship with hundreds of REAL plants, a glass-bottom lookout, and much more. Exploring this thing was an adventure in itself.

On top of the fun ship, we visited some equally as fun destinations. Our first stop was St. Kitts and Nevis followed by St. Thomas, and Royal Caribbean's private island, Coco Cay (which has just undergone a $250 million renovation). In St. Kitts, we took a taxi ride over to St. Timothy's Hill which provides a gorgeous view of the Caribbean Sea on the left and the Atlantic Ocean on the right. We then hopped on a snorkeling catamaran and cruised over to Shipwreck Bay.

Next up was St. Thomas. We had heard that St. John was worth the day trip and with it being only 2 miles away from St. Thomas, we decided to go for it. There was 4 total taxis and 2 total ferrys involved in getting there but BOY was it worth it. St. John was probably our favorite spot that we visited during the entire trip. We ended up in Trunk Bay. The whole island is filled with lush green hills/mountains with winding roads and LOTS of beautiful bays with calm turquoise water perfect for snorkeling.

Lastly, our most relaxing stop was Coco Cay. All the food (with the exception of alcohol) on the island is free. We enjoyed burgers, mozzarella sticks, and funnel cake. And for those of you who haven't had mozzarella sticks on the beach, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. There were plenty of spots to relax including a fun swim up bar in the middle of the ocean.

Some of my favorite things not pictured were the shows and performances. We were blown away by the talent of the onboard performers. We saw the musical "Hairspray" as well as "Flight"in the royal theatre, and in the outdoor aquatheater there was a production called "Hiro" (our favorite) which was a Cirque du Soleil type show with high diving, acrobatics, cables, and tightropes. They even had ice skating performances that were insane with ice skaters performing some crazy lifts and flips all over the ice!

At the end of the day, we were SO happy we cruised aboard an Oasis Class ship! It was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. All our food was provided and we only spent extra money on drinks and tips for the staff. We decided on getting an inside cabin because we really didn't spend much time in our rooms. Granted, cruise costs vary depending on the time of the year, but we roughly spent $150 per person per day which is INSANE with everything that we got to do and experience. If you are even CONSIDERING cruising for your honeymoon, we would both highly recommend it! Hope this post helped you gain a little bit of insight on cruising for your honeymoon :)


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