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Mid-Day Mommy and Me Session

One of my all-time favorite places for a easy-access view in the Phoenix Area is the scenic drive up to Dobbins Lookout at South Mountain. The lookout offers 360 degree views of Phoenix including the downtown skyline and surrounding mountains. Today, we ventured over to the back side of the mountain to get some gorgeous desert and mountain scenery in the background. We had an adorable mommy and me session with Erin and Zayden. Just having woke up from a nap, Zayden shed a couple of tears but nothing a couple packs of fruit snacks can't fix. Am I right, moms? Zayden ended up enjoying playing outside in the beautiful weather and really seemed to express a new interest in rocks. He really entertained himself by picking them up throwing them as far as he could. I think Erin has a future quarterback on her hands!


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